About Us

Rachel, like most dog lovers, has always been in the market for dog themed gifts, cards, and decor to fill her home. During Christmas of 2021, she struggled to find the perfect gift for her mom that would include a playful, yet simple design of a Yellow Labrador, akin to Chloe "Vanilla Joe." Alas, Vanilla Joe & Co. was born.

Rachel and her brother, Kurt, were gifted with Vanilla Joe as a puppy for Christmas of 2012. They have been best friends ever since. Joe loves going to parks, begging for food, retrieving newspapers, and most of all, being happy all day, every day.

Rachel was born and raised in the suburbs of northern New Jersey with her amazing family. She is a proud graduate of the University of Delaware. She now lives in New York City and works in advertising.

Rachel loves to spend time with her family & friends, read, travel, practice Spanish, and pet random dogs throughout the city. She is excited to explore more scents and expand the Vanilla Joe & Co. collection.

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